Technology is an EXPENSIVE mistress!!

Should go without saying!

Yes I have to admit that technology is a great and wonderful thing! Technology allows us to do more easier and more efficiently.

However as they say, “You have to pay to play!”.

Someone like me who loves all kinds of technology, this can be expensive! Depending on what area of technology you are interested in, well it can get VERY EXPENSIVE!

As far as technology goes, I like a mixture of things. As stated on my little viewed post on cooking technology, I have gone back to the ways of our forefathers and begun cooking on cast iron. I still am looking into more efficient ways of cooking with the cast iron such as induction technology and the sort but as far as cookware is concerned, I like the older tech here. Same goes for automobiles. I like the older technology that just worked without a bunch of computers and sensors. Sure the more modern vehicles are more fuel-efficient, powerful and leave a lot less carbon footprint than their predecessors however I grew up with the older cars/trucks and that is where my love lies.

However as far as some other technologies goes such as cell phones, computers and their software, I could be considered a junkie! However being a technology junkie does hurt the ol wallet especially if you wish to keep up!

Yep! She (The Mistress of Technology) can be expensive!

Well I will give my example, I really need for what I have been doing as a hobby/paid hobby to do some computer and software upgrades in order to keep up and make my life easier and make the time I spend on projects a lot shorter. The software and hardware costs money and in this economy, it’s hard to move ahead because you have to tell yourself (and the Mistress) no I can’t do these updates now. That’s being sensible however sometimes when the ol heart is set on something, you will give in to your desires and do something that you will later regret!

Kind of like a human mistress huh?

Stop your complaining about keeping up!

I know that this might be going through your heads so I would see if I can redirect this towards you and see how you would react here. Again I do some old school tech and some new school. Most folks only do new school!

How many folks when some manufacturer of cell phones such as Samsung, LG, Apple or insert your favorite name here announce that they have a brand new model that supposedly has better features than your current phone or more power will be waiting in line at your favorite cell phone outlet to be the first one to buy this product? I know quite a bit of you would be.

How about when a new vehicle hits the market that supposedly does everything except cook your dinner and give you back rubs? Do you look at your vehicle a bit differently? Some not all of you but some will be wanting that vehicle and be hounding the dealerships to see when said vehicle can be in or can be ordered.

How about the cooks out there that see the latest and greatest gadget for the kitchen? Oooohhhh that can same me some time or reduce my costs.

See no one is immune to the Mistress!!! No one!!

No one is safe!!!

Even with me liking some of the old school things, I’m not immune to the pay to play mantra either!

I’m getting more and more pieces of cast iron cookware and these pieces do cost money! I really only need a few more pieces to complete what I need but these pieces can really put a dent in the ol wallet! So I have to accumulate these older tech pieces slowly.

Vehicles? Well the ones I really like are definitely out of my price range! Old school muscle cars and even some of the older trucks are way beyond what I could ever spend for one. Unless I find one that I can basically rebuild from scratch and can aquire the vehicle at a fairly inexpensive rate, then this will have to stay a dream.

There are some who are somewhat exempt to these rules

Yes there are some that are (seemingly) fully exempt and some that are partially exempt. I will explain below.

The partially exempt ones actually get to borrow the tech for a short amount of time to test and review it. Either the manufacture will send them the item to test or a merchant will send the item to be tested for again reviews or other kinds of testing including betas. Some of these folks might even have what I call extended trails or extended testing. Basically they can test these items for up to and sometimes over 1 yr before they have to return the item. Some of these can be something small such as a bluetooth device for a phone all the way up to a vehicle!

The fully exempt ones actually get the product to be looked at, tested or reviewed for free! I would LOVE to be in this category!!! However you will have to have some popularity in order to do this such as a well-known blogger or a vlogger on YouTube. Most John Q Public individuals will not get this chance to test like this. Yes this kind of cost can hurt some manufactures and some budget for it however the feedback they receive and if the product is good enough, the publicity they gain will make this investment well worth it!

Let’s wrap this one up shall we?

Even though I do not hate those who are either partially or fully exempt from the Mistress’ money requirements I do envy them at times.

C’mon now, who wouldn’t! Do you think that if a big name corp contacted me and said here drive our latest model vehicle for a year giving us feedback on it I would say no? Not likely! Same can be said with computers or computer software. Hey look, we’ll give you a computer or software for free as long as you test it out and give us and the public an honest review of the product. I will most likely be like “Here is my home address and send all you want!”.

However back in the land of reality, I will have to do like almost everyone else and look at reviews from others and save up for what I wish to have. Nothing wrong with it however sometimes technology junkies like myself will have to go through some withdrawal before we can satisfy our urges! Like other junkies such as drug, sex or other addictions.

Well folks that’s it for now. I’m hoping to start to get some other things going as well. Taking a bit longer than what I like for it to however I want to be satisfied on how I’m going to get it done so please be patient.