The Mistress Learning Curve

Learning Curve?

Yep! You’d better believe it! This can occur in several ways but the most common ones are you choose to change something and have to get into the learning curve or you have to learn something new (for a job for example) and enter the learning curve that way.

Most folks don’t mind the whipping of the Mistress’ whip when it’s a learning curve they walk into on their own however feeling the sting of the learning curve when you have to just plain outright sucks!

Why Talk About This?

Well why not? This is my little corner of cyberspace after all isn’t it? Well mainly it’s because in my particular instance, I am having kind of both instances occurring! Come along as I explain my punishment and maybe gain a laugh or three at my expense.

OK the skinny is this, I am having to learn (much to my unhappiness) the program Photo Paint that comes with the CorelDRAW suite. Yes I still have Photoshop but I refuse to update to the cloud service based model and so far for the stuff I’ve been doing lately, Photoshop Elements has been working very well for me. There is a new version of Elements however that will have to wait until I can free up some funds. There are some things that Elements just cannot do that Photoshop and/or Photo Paint can do. So why not stick with Photoshop? I can however my version is a few version behind and my version of Photo Paint is more recent. Since I refuse at this point to do the Creative Cloud and have already paid for Photo Paint, why not learn how to use it?

So back to Photo Paint.

I will have to say this, for the long time users of Photo Paint, I’m sure that the ways the program does things is straight forward to you however since I’ve got my schooling on Adobe and GIMP, this program does some things rather “funky” IMHO. My pain here and this is where the learning curve is giving me it’s powerful sting! In order to use Photo Paint, I will have to either learn how to convert what I know over to this program OR find new ways of getting stuff done!

My only fear and the Mistress has done this on more than one occasion, force me to change again! In this case, I really am trying to get ducks in a row to get a Mac computer (personal preference) however the *insert several explicit adjectives here* people at Corel have decided NOT to create a native Mac version meaning if you wish to continue to use DRAW, you better find a way of emulating Windows in order for you to continue to use DRAW. Since I do not wish to go this route, I will be forced to use Adobe again and I will have to relearn both Photoshop and Illustrator! I will have to as well use the Creative Cloud product because the current Adobe software I have is for a PC.

I’m sure that the Mistress is looking over my shoulder and thinking; “You haven’t paid for something in a while! Well buddy get ready to pony up in both money and give yourself to the learning curve once again PEASANT!!!!”.

Is there a pleasant side to the Mistress’ whip of the Learning Curve? Depends on your point of view!

Sounds weird but I will give you a few examples here. The Mac thing. I haven’t touched a Mac in quite a few years however they have gotten much better and for what I would like to get into, they are a better fit for me than a PC. They however have a different way of getting things done than a PC does. I won’t mind learning that difference as far as OS (operating systems) go. I actually find that fun! Yes, I’m a geek!

Another example is I just started my journey down the path for the love of fighting style games mainly the older ones! I get my butt owned at every opportunity however I’m still learning and having fun. Because of my hand issues, I may have to play those with a arcade or fight stick. The Mistress will get some cash but not as much if she forces my hand the other way (PC to Mac total conversion)

As you can see by these brief examples, If you are wishing to learn something, then the learning curve is not too bad of a punishment. However if you don’t want to learn something, then well be prepared for some punishment!

Need to keep this brief…

I need to get back to the pain of learning Photo Paint. So Mistress get that ol’ whip going because it looks like I’m getting ready to get right smack into it here directly!

Learning Curve, hate it and/or love it…