Does Technology Create or Hinder Stupidity?

That is a heck of a good question right?

Well I at least think so! Don’t get me wrong, I love technology for the most part which is why I actually like my Mistress however there are some things that just need to have technology take a few steps back and allow for some of the old school ways to still be taught and used.

Why? Please give an example of this especially if you are saying technology is possibly making people stupid?

Just one example? I can and will give you a fairly good example.

Online/Offline mapping and or GPS routing.

Yes I DO use these tools and yes I do not like when they aren’t accurate however some of the old school maps aren’t accurate either! Common sense here is the best answer however some folks are very short of it because the above technology is so overused in our technology right now that it is causing people to not learn the old ways which may come back and bite them on the ass!

Many moons ago when I was first learning how to drive a semi-tractor trailer, I learned how to get from point A to point B with a map and some knowledge. Most of it is very basic and fairly easy to understand however the folks of today will have a rough time if all of the GPS satellites in the sky malfunctioned as well as the Internet.

I’ve personally seen posts on some social media networks on how stupid some folks have become because of technology especially navigation. One posted a question on how folks got around before GPS. The correct answer was maps (as in the old paper/laminated kind) however some individual(s) were saying something like Google Maps.

Oh dear Lord! Has our society got so hooked on technology that they have become this stupid? Has our dependency on this technology totally changed our thinking to the point of utter stupidity?

Taking the time to learn how the old school maps work and knowing how to use them is a skill that still needs to be taught because even with our wonderful advances in technology broght on by my Mistress, there will be places where it WON’T WORK such as in some valleys or mountain ranges!

Think you made your point on the stupid arguement. How has technology made us maybe smarter or hinder our stupidity?

Technology has helped us develop new ideas and inventions that have not only made our lives somewhat better but also have helped our education and thought processes.

Search engines have been a subject of debate on this main question for a while however if used as intended, you can find a wealth of information on a subject or subjects within seconds! All this from different sources however be careful here because some sources can contain wrong information that can lead you astray.

Then again that’s the beauty of the search engine is that you can select what sources are garbage and weed down the results to what you need!

However even with all the knowledge of the world at your fingertips won’t cure the lack of common sense which technology does actually hinder. However if you use some applied knowledge, then technology won’t hinder you one bit and can actually assist you in solving issues and learning something new.

So your saying that technology is a mixed bag?

EXACTLY! The world still needs the Mistress (technology) to evolve and it will continue to do so however we shouldn’t dismiss the old school tech quite yet as it does help to build I would even go as far as to say this is a survival skill, common sense!

Maybe in some way, I can still teach some of the old school ways using the new tech and help with this.



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