The Mistress and the Better Half have been keeping me busy!!

As the forementioned title states,

I’ve been busy! Not only helping some friends out with their own Mistress of Technology woes but also working on my and the Better Half’s woes as well.

The Mistress doesn’t care who she seduces. She will invade into your life and can bring both pain and pleasure. Guess this depends on your view of technology!


What exactly have I been doing?

This is kind of a mixed question. Mostly helping my Better Half with a new toy she bought. She bought one of those Silhouette Cameo cutting machines. She mainly got it for her crafts but I actually like this thing because it can do something that I’ve known how to do and might help me and her bring in some coin. The machine can cut vinyl!

Yes it can cut the vinyl the same stuff you see stuck to just about everything under the sun!

I have many years working with a sign shop and for what this thing can do, well it is really cool!

We’ve tested this thing out and it can successfully do cutting of vinyl, paper and fabric. It can also draw with either one of their pens in the machine or a standard ball point pen that you can use with an adapter. So this thing has quite a few options.

I wouldn’t have guessed you would be using a crafting tool

Neither would I but I do have some I guess if there is such a thing, guy craft ideas that can help me make up my own guy room.

As good as this all is, I do find a flaw with it.  The software. Yes it will get you from point A to point B but however it might not be the nicest way to go.  Maybe in another post, I will explain this but for now, I’m really enjoying playing around with this tool and hopefully will it not only broaden my Better Half’s creativity but also my own!

This will be a short little check in today folks!

Go ahead and celebrate folks! I’m wrapping this up. Mainly because while typing this, the Better Half decided that she wants me to help her with a project. So I better try and I mean try to keep her happy.

Till next time!!!