Never Satisfied Mistress?

This is a good question

I was thinking out loud with my wife one laze Sunday afternoon about if it would be better if I went to a tablet and forgo another computer. This is when my wife spoke these words:”Will it be enough?”. What she was implying was two fold.  The first implication was would the tablet I was considering be powerful enough to do what I would do on a machine and the other part was would I have to keep upgrading each and every time something else came onto the market.

Initial reaction to this statement

Quite honestly it was an angry response! I think I heard my Mistress cry in my ear and that hurt the feeling enough to allow anger to initially take over. However just as quick as the rage came, it left and I was back to rational thinking. Quick to think about what got me angry and about the statement in general, I replied:”Most likely it will never be enough for what I do.”. Which is true unfortunately! I do things that require quite a bit of computer horsepower and I could get by on what is presented now however most likely I will not be able to keep going forcing me to either quit what I do or get something else.

Other parts of the equation

The other parts of the equation would be what programs have a good app equivalent that I can use to go straight to a tablet. As of this blog post, sadly the answer would have to be no. Tablet manufacturers as well as the folks who have apps (what some will call programs on a personal computer) have made quite a bunch of improvements to the functionality of these devices however to give up a computer at this time is not feasible. I would have to change too much in order to go that route.

Don’t misunderstand me here

I think that tablets are great and I would love to own another one. However with the current financials, that is not a possibility at this time. Yes I can do quite a few things with said device and yes it would be helpful however common sense has to prevail here. Don’t worry, the Mistress will punish me later for that comment. So it looks like for now I will need to start dropping the pennies in the ol’ piggy bank for a new machine.

So let this be a lesson here

If someone questions your love for technology and someone rightfully (like in this case) questions it, don’t get angry even though the feeling might be strong! Take a second to ignore the Mistress and come to rational thinking.  Then tell the individual that asked the question why you feel the way you do or explain why something is needed.  I will admit however the sultry allure of the Mistress’ voice can drive a tech geek wild and intoxicate them to do some things they may later regret!