The Mistress and the Better Half have been keeping me busy!!

As the forementioned title states,

I’ve been busy! Not only helping some friends out with their own Mistress of Technology woes but also working on my and the Better Half’s woes as well.

The Mistress doesn’t care who she seduces. She will invade into your life and can bring both pain and pleasure. Guess this depends on your view of technology!


What exactly have I been doing?

This is kind of a mixed question. Mostly helping my Better Half with a new toy she bought. She bought one of those Silhouette Cameo cutting machines. She mainly got it for her crafts but I actually like this thing because it can do something that I’ve known how to do and might help me and her bring in some coin. The machine can cut vinyl!

Yes it can cut the vinyl the same stuff you see stuck to just about everything under the sun!

I have many years working with a sign shop and for what this thing can do, well it is really cool!

We’ve tested this thing out and it can successfully do cutting of vinyl, paper and fabric. It can also draw with either one of their pens in the machine or a standard ball point pen that you can use with an adapter. So this thing has quite a few options.

I wouldn’t have guessed you would be using a crafting tool

Neither would I but I do have some I guess if there is such a thing, guy craft ideas that can help me make up my own guy room.

As good as this all is, I do find a flaw with it.  The software. Yes it will get you from point A to point B but however it might not be the nicest way to go.  Maybe in another post, I will explain this but for now, I’m really enjoying playing around with this tool and hopefully will it not only broaden my Better Half’s creativity but also my own!

This will be a short little check in today folks!

Go ahead and celebrate folks! I’m wrapping this up. Mainly because while typing this, the Better Half decided that she wants me to help her with a project. So I better try and I mean try to keep her happy.

Till next time!!!


Would Like To Talk Some About Quality

This Has Reared It’s Ugly Head A Few Times In The Last Few Weeks

Normally on this blog, I try to touch mostly on a fictional mistress that seems to either improve or mess up my life or both. However taking a break from the Mistress (I will surely pay for this later TRUST ME!) I would like to discuss something that can be relevant to not only technology but other things as well.

That thing is quality!

I look at things being a bargain if a few criteria and I also look at how something was created as well. However from what I’ve been experiencing here lately, quality has gone the way of the dinosaurs and Dodo!

By What Criteria Do You Evaluate A Bargain Or Quality?

Well let’s get a disclaimer done here. Some people judge a bargain mainly by price alone. If it’s cheap enough, the mentality is when it’s used up or broke, we will just get a new one. For the most part, that is what this nation has resorted to. Look at the way we look at things like computers, TV’s, cameras and the sort. Once we get a certain use out of them, we discard them and get new ones.

This might work for some that have very good to do income streams however since this household runs on a budget, we have to consider a few other things as well. Granted nothing last forever however I would like a item to last longer than some items have that was purchased within the last 6 months or so.

What I do is evaluate by a few things:

  • How long am I planning on using said item
  • Cost of the item
  • Reputation of the manufacturing company of said item
  • Construction of said item
  • Previous experience with company or product of said item (if plausable)

I will give a example in just a second on something that did happen with me and what started me to write this post in the first place!

Example That I Will Give

The example is a JBL Everest 700 headset that I assisted to get for my wife. Using the above criteria, I answered the questons as such:

  • Was planning on keeping the item for at least 2yrs or more
  • The cost was hefty $299
  • JBL for the most part in my research seemed to keep their quality high and most of the reviews were positive on this item
  • The construction of the headphones were good. Better than some that we looked at while in the clutches of the Yellow Tag Store
  • JBL in my own experience had a EXCELLENT reputation in the audio products that I’ve previously used

Eventhough the cost was high, I encouraged the purchase of this item because I had previous experience with their speakers and the quality of construction and their sound quality.

After letting the wife listen to several different brands, we settled on the JBL ones.

At First Things Were Good

We got the headset home and unboxed them. Got them paired with her devices and added the app that added more control to the headset. So far, so good. We tried the phone call ability on the headset as well. Again all was well. The headset has active noise cancellation as well as a way to control how much noise cancelling the headset did. So being bluetooth, great sound with noise cancellation and the ability for the user to answer phone calls we thought we made a great choice!


Bought these in late November 2015 and now they are having some major issues! For starters, my wife reported that the headset wasn’t answering calls correctly and every now and then while watching something on her tablet, the headset would cut off!!

Then a while later, the cutting off of the headset got worse! She would have to restart the headset a few times a night.

Well that seemed to settle down and now the most ugly problem has reared it’s ugly head.

The active noise cancellation circuit is having some major problems! When the headset starts up, all is well but then shortly after, the left speaker starts to crackle really badly!

Turn off the noise cancelling and the speakers are dead quiet! Turn the noise cancelling back on and the crackling resumes. Even changing the level of the noise cancelling doesn’t help. I’ve even updated firmware and reset the device to no avail!

With the headset not taking calls properly and the noise cancelling circuit on the fritz, I have a theory on what happened. I believe that the microphone in the left earcup is defective in some way.

I came to this conclusion by powering up the headset and listening to them. When they first power up, it is dead quiet and then all of a sudden you hear a faint noise in the left one that fades and then the crackling starts.

So for our money, these things were not worth the cash paid! We only got about 4 months out of them!

Was This A One Time Deal?

Sadly no. Another issue that I had to address was the controller for our PS3. It was a fairly new controller that wasn’t abused at all! Used often yes but thrown or other abuse no. All of a sudden the left stick on the controller started sticking and causing my movement to be stuck going left.My solution was to tear apart the pad and fix the issue by cleaning the left control switch and the surrounding area. The original pad that came with the PS3 is still going well. However the new ones, not so much.

Vehicles and parts are another! I’ve been going to Jeep Hell with our car. Seems like everytime I fix something, something else goes wrong. When we got the vehicle (which was purchased used) the belt would make a noise especially on a cold morning. Found out it was one of the belt tensioners. Well the assembly when bought aftermarket from AutoZone was cheaper than getting one from the dealer. Was this smart? Not really because not even a year later, the noise is back on their Duralast part! Quality my backside!!!

There are other issues that I’m dealing with like notifications on a iPhone and some other problems however IMHO, they could be prevented with better QUALITY CONTROL!

In Closing

Again I know things don’t last forever and sometimes the cheapest way out isn’t the best way but sometimes you win, sometimes you loose.

Seems like I’ve been loosing too much lately.

Never Satisfied Mistress?

This is a good question

I was thinking out loud with my wife one laze Sunday afternoon about if it would be better if I went to a tablet and forgo another computer. This is when my wife spoke these words:”Will it be enough?”. What she was implying was two fold.  The first implication was would the tablet I was considering be powerful enough to do what I would do on a machine and the other part was would I have to keep upgrading each and every time something else came onto the market.

Initial reaction to this statement

Quite honestly it was an angry response! I think I heard my Mistress cry in my ear and that hurt the feeling enough to allow anger to initially take over. However just as quick as the rage came, it left and I was back to rational thinking. Quick to think about what got me angry and about the statement in general, I replied:”Most likely it will never be enough for what I do.”. Which is true unfortunately! I do things that require quite a bit of computer horsepower and I could get by on what is presented now however most likely I will not be able to keep going forcing me to either quit what I do or get something else.

Other parts of the equation

The other parts of the equation would be what programs have a good app equivalent that I can use to go straight to a tablet. As of this blog post, sadly the answer would have to be no. Tablet manufacturers as well as the folks who have apps (what some will call programs on a personal computer) have made quite a bunch of improvements to the functionality of these devices however to give up a computer at this time is not feasible. I would have to change too much in order to go that route.

Don’t misunderstand me here

I think that tablets are great and I would love to own another one. However with the current financials, that is not a possibility at this time. Yes I can do quite a few things with said device and yes it would be helpful however common sense has to prevail here. Don’t worry, the Mistress will punish me later for that comment. So it looks like for now I will need to start dropping the pennies in the ol’ piggy bank for a new machine.

So let this be a lesson here

If someone questions your love for technology and someone rightfully (like in this case) questions it, don’t get angry even though the feeling might be strong! Take a second to ignore the Mistress and come to rational thinking.  Then tell the individual that asked the question why you feel the way you do or explain why something is needed.  I will admit however the sultry allure of the Mistress’ voice can drive a tech geek wild and intoxicate them to do some things they may later regret!